Visitor statistics

MyDavidCameron went live at 4pm on Thurs 7 Jan 2010. Here are the visitor statistics from the first two weeks.

In total we received 105,928 visits (89,827 of them absolute unique visitors) during our first two weeks, the great majority of those visits in the second week.

Our busiest day to date was Friday 15 Jan, when we received 20,343 visits.

We had also recorded more than 1400 tweets linking to our site (although there were many more tweets that referred to us without linking and these were not recorded).

More than 500 posters have been submitted.

Please note that these statistics underplay our full reach for several reasons, including:

  • Due to the rushed way in which the site was set up, we have not been measuring visits to individual images (only to the main pages), but we have seen many people sharing direct image links on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Much of the activity around MyDavidCameron has taken place through social media, principally Twitter and Facebook, but also numerous discussion forums. This does not register in the data below (except where it has led to a visit to our site).


Numbers of visits and unique visitors (source: Google Analytics)

Week 1 Week 2


Daily reach

Percentage of global internet users who visit MyDavidCameron compared with other sites, 13-19 Jan 2010 (source: Alexa)

The parties

Left: MyDavidCameron vs Conservative Party. Right: MyDavidCameron vs British National Party (sadly the UK's most visited political party site).

MyDavidCameron vs Conservatives MyDavidCameron vs Conservatives

The bloggers

Left: MyDavidCameron vs Guido Fawkes (UK's "most popular independent blog"). Right: MyDavidCameron vs Ian Dale (leading Conservative blogger).

MyDavidCameron vs Guido Fawkes MyDavidCameron vs Ian Dale

Note: Alexa's accuracy is often disputed. As an alternative comparison, MyDavidCameron had 74,198 visitors during its second week while Guido's most recent published weekly figure is 63,215. However, Guido receives more page views.