Best poster prize – to be confirmed

We have sent the following request to the Conservative Party, but are still waiting for a response.

To: Conservative Party
Sent: 5 February 2010

We are currently asking our site visitors to vote for their favourite Cameron poster. It’s been suggested the first prize could be dinner with David Cameron, with two dinners for the second prize. We would also like to offer some kind of booby prize to the loser, perhaps breakfast with George Osborne.

Do you think this could be arranged? We would be prepared to go halves on the restaurant bill.*

Many thanks

Clifford Singer

*Up to £10

Update 16/3/10: Still no response. I remain hopeful but is it possible that they’re ignoring us? Can anyone suggest a prize of similar value?


Perhaps Mrs Thatcher could be persuaded to do the winners hair and makeup as a prize?
(Unconnected? Doesn’t make sense? - That’ll be just like Tory policy then…)

Posted by Laurie at 03:11pm on 17 March 2010

Go away. I’m busy urgently deciding what sort of policy to put into what sort of campaign. And what on earth to wear. Makeup! MAKEUP!!

Posted by YourDavidCameron at 05:15pm on 17 March 2010

What about a day running the Tory party? It can’t make any real difference, surely.

Posted by David at 06:09pm on 17 March 2010

Tories are gay.

I am a Tory.

Ergo, I am gay.

Posted by Jack Price at 03:55am on 18 March 2010

A nicht in bed with Sarah Cameron?

Posted by John Wadsworth at 09:39pm on 26 March 2010

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