Cash-Gordon vs Lord Cashcroft: the Tories’ latest poster

Miranda Richardson at Sky News asks if the Tories’ latest poster will tempt us out of retirement. Beside the fact that we like to think we’re enjoying a vacation not a retirement, it will take a bigger challenge than that to get us back spoofing. George Eaton in the New Statesman and Hopi Sen are among those who’ve covered what’s wrong with this latest Tory line of attack. But a couple of nice spoofs have come our way:

Printed by Lord Ashcroft

By Tribune Magazine


By Dave Cole

And let’s not forget our trio of earlier Ashcroft posters (click to enlarge):

Millions stand behind me There’s some publicity money can’t buy Easier just to buy them

We’ve also been emailed this print-out-and-paste strip. Naturally you’d never see us engaging in such behaviour – Charlie Whelan won’t even let us step away from our computers for a five-minute break (that’s a joke, Tories) – but thought you might find it of interest.

Printed and promoted by Lord Ashcroft of Belize

Large-format PDF version

Update – just discovered this from Beau Bo D’Or – brilliant:


Posted 17 March 2010, 12.57pm.



Given Tony Blair’s latest reincarnation as the “Orange Man” from the Tango ads ( any chance of a “You know when you’ve been Tango’d” Tony Blair poster?


Posted by Dicky at 10:23am on 31 March 2010

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